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Khilola was our night doula for two months when our second daughter was born at the start of 2020. She was such a wonderful, loving, and attentive doula. We could not have asked for anything more. Khilola cared for our daughter as if she were her own. We felt completely comfortable leaving our little one in her care while we got some much needed rest. She is also extremely knowledgable about babies and their care. We learned quite a bit from her. Even 10 months later, she checks in on us from time to time to see how our little girl is growing. We can't recommend her enough


Khilola was warm and friendly from the first second she entered our home. She washed her hands, asked the right questions, had her own preferences but did as we asked if we had our own preferences.

She genuinely liked our daughter and made us feel super comfortable. We went to sleep assured that she had it all covered.

She may not have had a huge amount of experience dula-ing (we were her first) but she has a special intuition when it comes to babies and she has a lot of experience nannying. This intuition gives her confidence where other Doulas are sometimes too tentative. She was excited to learn and give our child the best possible care. We loved our experience with her and she is also a super friendly person


For five wonderful weeks, we had the pleasure of working with Khilola as our night doula.  We hadn't worked with one when we had our first child, but for our second baby, we wanted to see whether night doulas lived up to the hype!  Khilola surpassed all of our expectations.  She is incredibly warm, proactive, and thoughtful.  She genuinely adored our newborn, and was so gentle with her.  We couldn't recommend Khilola highly enough.
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